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For healthcare professionals, a full understanding of your various products and services is essential. AFTER-MOUSE.COM applications can be used to present these products in an accessible and engaging way, and to facilitate communication between patients and doctors.

These customized applications can be deployed on a range of devices which integrate perfectly into both public and private health establishments. Microsoft® Surface® allows several people to collaborate and share information and ideas on a multi-touch screen platform where each person can use it in different ways. Doctors and nursing staff can be equipped with tablet PCs or touch screen laptops for extra mobility. Different-sized touch screens installed around your site can allow multiple patients to interact simultaneously. Motion recognition technology involves no direct contact making it particularly well suited to healthcare environments, which are subject to strict hygiene rules.

Touch and motion recognition technology are also used in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral motor disorders. Patients with multiple handicaps, mental impairment or psychopathological disturbances may also benefit from rehabilitation using touch technology. Touch and motion recognition applications enable motor activities (stretching, handling, etc.) and cognitive stimulation activities (memory, attention, reasoning, problem solving, etc.) to be combined.

Our applications can be adapted to all branches of healthcare: «The only limit is our imagination»

For the medical profession

Modeling the human body

AFTER-MOUSE.COM makes a doctors' work easier with 3-D modeling of the body, enabling patients to describe their condition precisely, facilitating future interventions and improving patient understanding. The doctor can not only zoom in on particular parts of the body (organs, bones, etc.), but also use the touch screen device to illustrate their explanations and walk patients through procedures.

For the healthcare industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, AFTER-MOUSE.COM develops easy-to-use applications which provide a unique interactive presentation platform and offers innovative solutions to new product launches at trade fairs or dedicated events, as well as providing a very attractive means for field sales staff to present pharmaceutical products to doctors.

Interactive questionnaires

Interactive questionnaires invite doctors, to give a diagnosis based on the symptoms reported by virtual patients. All they need to do is to drag each patient into the appropriate box. This engaging, interactive questionnaire is a way of getting the doctor involved in finding out more about the product.

Detailed product information

This allows the doctor to discover all aspects of the product for themselves: general description, efficacy, safety, dosage information, etc. The user can also browse the results of studies carried out on a product, entirely independently and at their own pace.

Contacting the company

For improved customer relationship management, a screen to contact the company is displayed at the end of each session. The doctor can enter their contact details to request, for example, more information from the manufacturer, or to receive samples, using the preset options.

Information tracking

Our applications provide the facility to track in detail the user's interaction with the device, such as the time each doctor spends using the software, or the most frequently read tabs.

A wide range of other functionalities can be added on request!